Implicazioni narrative della cartella clinica elettronica per i pazienti


Utilizzata correttamente, la cartella clinica elettronica (EHR) del servizio sanitario statunitense, potrebbe avere il potenziale per ripristinare un po’ di controllo narrativo ai pazienti attribuendo loro potere sia per accedere alla narrazione che per contribuire a crearla.

Articolo di Kamna Balhara su Synapsis (in inglese)

Among the many upheavals that medicine has faced in the 21st century, few changes have inspired as much conversation and controversy as the widespread implementation of the electronic health record (EHR). While some physicians see its general adoption as a sign of progress, many view this spread as a metastatic process that encroaches upon key elements of patient care and physician identity. This post will cover one facet of an ongoing analysis of physicians’ texts on the EHR, specifically focusing on storytelling and narrative. Physicians have written extensively on how the EHR destabilizes our own rapport with patients’ stories; this narrow view, however, risks obscuring the transformative ways in which patients may be breaking new narrative ground in the EHR era. This post will suggests the potential for physicians and patients to jointly navigate and circumvent the reductive confines of the EHR as a space of shared narrative control.

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