Come parlare di sesso con i tuoi pazienti

Medscape sottolinea un disagio sia culturale che comunicativo nel parlare di sesso che invade il rapporto medico/paziente.

Qui di seguito uno stralcio dell’articolo:

“It seems that everyone is talking about sex these days, except where it may really matter most—inside the doctor’s office.

Even though sex is an integral part of life, studies show that all too often doctors aren’t having “the talk” with their patients. Instead, the topic is frequently glossed over or pushed by the wayside, even though it means missing an important component of the patient’s overall state of health.

“The majority of patients, including seniors, would like their physicians to bring up the topic of sexuality, especially related to aging and chronic illness,” says Leslie R. Schover, PhD, a professor in the Department of Behavioral Science at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

She notes that even though healthcare providers, including physicians and nurses, typically agree that it’s a good thing to discuss sex with patients, it frequently doesn’t come to pass. “Repeated surveys suggest that each professional group regards this topic as ‘not my job,’ and unfortunately, it’s rare for patients to find someone who does regard it as their job,” Dr Schover says.” continua a leggere