The New Boundaries Between Doctors and Patients

A younger generation entering medicine and social-media mores make questions about privacy and oversharing trickier than ever



Andrea Petersen, The Wall Street Journal

In a time when almost everyone shares almost everything, the question of boundaries between a doctor and patient is thornier than ever.

Beyond the obvious no-go areas of sex and abuse, the relationship can be fraught. How do you reply to the chatty doctor who name-drops other patients—including your co-workers? Can you invite your dermatologist to dinner?

Doctors are divided on how strict the boundaries should be. Some have firm rules against socializing with patients or revealing personal details about their own lives. Others say a closer relationship can build trust and make it more likely patients will follow medical advice. The growth of social media complicates things, too, especially as a generational shift means young digital natives are entering the medical profession. full article

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