Finding Who We Are in Those for Whom We Care

Mrs. Eleanor was my friend. She was a beautiful lady in her late fifties—her voice soft, so you always made sure to listen extra carefully; her skin a lovely hue of rich brown, with a motherly warmth. In her eyes, there shone a twinkle of mystery, hiding a story, or many, for the prized listener. She was a mystery in many ways to us as well, as I can’t say that modern medicine was able to cure her. Continua a leggere


Patient Health through Narrative Medicine

As an internist at Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, Rita Charon realized that more could be gained from learning a patient’s story than just charting symptoms as a series of head-to-toe facts. Encompassing health and sickness in a storied structure, with form, frame, characters, plot, and point of view—skills Charon learned while pursuing a PhD in English at Columbia University—had clinical significance. Continua a leggere