What Patients Gain By Reading Their Doctor’s Notes

During a recent physical, Jeff Gordon’s doctor told him he may be pre-diabetic. It was a quick mention, mixed in with a review of blood pressure numbers, other vital statistics like his heart rate, height and weight, and details about his prescription for cholesterol medication. Normally, Gordon, 70, a food broker who lives in Washington, D.C., would have paid it little attention.

But his physician, who recently joined MedStar Health, uses the system’s Web portal that allows him to share his office notes with patients. For Gordon, seeing the word “pre-diabetic” in writing made it difficult to ignore, and he took action. continua a leggere

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Riflessioni Sistemiche: online il nuovo numero sulle narrazioni

Le narrazioni e le pratiche narrative dei professionisti, studiosi e ricercatori sono il tema centrale dell’ultimo numero della rivista “Riflessioni Sistemiche”, la pubblicazione scientifico-culturale a periodicità semestrale a cura dell’Associazione Italiana di Epistemologia e Metodologia Sistemiche. kkk

In questa dodicesima monografia sono numerosi i temi trattati da notevoli esperti del settore: l’incontro narrativo, la narrazione tra ricerca e pratica formativa e la storia ed evoluzione del pensiero sistemico solo per citarne alcuni.

La rivista è interamente consultabile e scaricabile a questo link.



The digital revolution in health care: a reading list

Sometimes the internet is not enough to stay updated on the latest trends, or sometimes information is too scattered to retrieve, which is why world-renowned experts often publish books that put together some of that thoughts, examples, case studies and predictions on what the future of medicine will be, and how will the digital revolution impact health care.

We thought that today of all days, 23th of April and World Book Day (and Saint Georgehere in Barcelona, which we celebrate giving out books to our loved ones), was a good day to list some of the books you do not want to miss if you want to stay updated on digital health. continua a leggere

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What Our Tweets And Google Searches Say About Our Health

For years, Alicia McGarry’s elementary school–age sons tended to get sick easily. But two years ago, McGarry downloaded Sickweather, an app that broadcasts infectious illness warnings based on location-specific chatter on social media. Now, when an alert goes around, the 35-year-old mother doubles down on cold and flu precautions, reminding her boys to wash their hands and eat leafy greens. “We’ve been able to minimize family illness,” McGarry, of Kansas City, Missouri, told BuzzFeed News. continua a leggere

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Narrative Medicine: Who Cares?

The power of story is as old as human history. People have always told stories as a way of making sense of their lives, whether through spoken or written words. Narrative is a well-respected qualitative research methodology, and has been used in nursing education by researchers, such as Pamela Ironside (2003, 2005), Nancy Diekelmann (2005), and Gail Lindsay (2006). continua a leggere

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