A new scientific humanism

February 18-19, at Meyer Childern’s Hospital: seven chapters on narrative medicine and precision medicine

Narrative Medicine and precision medicine: two schools of thought, two research laboratories, will meet at this scientific event.


They are clinical and research areas – one that capitalizes on the fundamental aspects of human interaction, and the other that exploits innovative processes of the biomedical sciences – that are both expressions of a person’s communicative profiles, whether narrative or omics-based.

These two paradigms of the human sciences are similar to parallel rivers that flow with the same energetic and motivational drive and converge in patient care according to a holistic and unified vision.

The scientific and professional community, often a prisoner of biologism and technicism, is called upon to be emancipated and recognize itself in wath society is imperatively asking for: to be seen, listened to and cared for “with precision and with compassion“.